A Family owned business, AP Products is headquartered in Granite Bay, California. AP Products has specialized in the distribution of specialty cleaning products since 1982. With 30 years of floor care and cleaning industry experience, founder Paul Krause oversees the formulation of AP Products offerings, working with chemists and consumers to develop unique household cleaning products that are safe and effective. For many years customers in the San Francisco Bay Area were always asking us for a less expensive and easier way to restore their floors without paying thousands of dollars to replace or refinish them. After two years of development and testing, we finally created the “Perfect” Floor Restorer, which we now call Restore-A-Floor.

As soon as Restore-A-Floor hit the catalog and TV market it was a huge success. Immediately we started to receive phone calls from all over the country from people telling us that they could not believe how Restore-A-Floor made their floors look like brand new again. The success of Restore-A-Floor is due to our large base of loyal customers and has us striving to develop new products designed for restoring and cleaning your home. Please take moment to check out some other offerings from the AP Products line.