Duster Wand

Clean everything from large surface areas to tiny nooks with one duster! This DUSTER WAND has thousands of slender fibers to attract, lift and hold pollen, fine hairs and dust. The threaded handle can also be attached to a standard pole to sweep cobwebs from the ceiling corners, hanging picture frames and other out-of-reach objects. Great for computer screens and for keeping your workspace dust-free. Size is approximately 20.” Saves money in the long run, just machine wash and reuse!

Great for Nooks & Crannies

Befor and After
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  • Fast and Easy One-Stroke Dust Removal
  • Slender Fibers Grab Dust Wherever it Hides!
  • Easy and Safe Dusting of Many Types of Common Surfaces Around the Home and Office

Tackle Dust and Pollen,
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Duster Wand
$9.95 Quantity