RESTORE-A-DRAIN™ Professional Build-Up Remover will relieve your untreated pipes of accumulated grease, soap, hair and other organic materials. With regular use your drains will be flowing freely. Works on slow toilets and can be used on shower and tub drains. RESTORE-A-DRAIN is safe and beneficial for all plumbing and septic systems. Septic systems can benefit from the regular use of RESTORE-A-DRAIN reducing the need for pump-outs. This product cannot clear some clogs caused by inorganic materials, mineral deposits, tree roots, plastic or metal; those may need to be cleared by other means such as a plumber’s snake or professional assistance.

Befor and After
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Designed to work on kitchen, bath and shower drains, toilets, septic systems and garbage disposals, RESTORE-A-DRAIN offers the following benefits:

  • Opens slow drains
  • Prevents clogs with regular maintenance
  • Safe for all plumbing
  • Environmentally safe

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Restore-A-Drain 32 oz
$15.95 Quantity