RESTORE-YOUR-AIR™doesn’t just cover up the offending smells, it actually removes them! Whether it’s the air you breathe or an odor embedded on an object, RESTORE-YOUR-AIR works to eliminate it. Easy to use, just a few squeezes of the trigger does the job. Perfect for use in home, car and business. RESTORE-YOUR-AIR does more than freshen the air, add to your carpet cleaner or the rinse water when washing your floors. Laundry detergent not quite doing its job? Add RESTORE-YOUR-AIR to the wash and take care of the smell once and for all. RESTORE-YOUR-AIR will even make living with your pets a little more enjoyable; safe in and around litterboxes, on bedding and in kennels. This multi-purpose miracle air restorer is the one to do the job!

Befor and After
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Don’t cover up the odor, REMOVE IT!
RESTORE-YOUR-AIR offers the following benefits:

  • Safe around people and pets
  • Removes odors in your laundry
  • Use in home, place of business or your car
  • Easy to use

Knock Out Odors,
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Restore-Your-Air 16 oz
$15.95 Quantity