Septic Magic™

*Accept No Imitations (see below)

All septic tanks need to be kept clear, in the past this required costly frequent pumping. SEPTIC MAGIC™ digests, dissolves, and liquefies all organic waste matter, paper, fibers, greases, and fats with the use of natural enzymes. These enzymes are the same as those used by commercial sewage treatment plants, they are the most effective means of keeping septic systems working properly. Other treatments that use caustics, acids or bacteria work well in the beginning but the effects are not lasting requiring frequent treatments. Use SEPTIC MAGIC once a month for a healthy septic tank.

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*Note: Unfortunately there are individuals defrauding unsuspecting customers into purchasing a powder septic product, using our patented / registered name. They are operating illegally, in the state of Florida, where we have filed complaints with the BBB. Our product is a highly effective liquid product for maintaining the health of your septic system. These complaints about not standing behind the product and high costs are not our product nor our company. We fully stand behind our full product line and our Septic Magic is sold at affordable prices with no high pressure sales tactics.
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  • Saves Money - Reduces the need to empty the system
  • Environmentally Friendly - Non-toxic, will not harm children or pets
  • Eliminates Odors - Kills unpleasant smells
  • Concentrated - A 32 ounce bottle lasts 4 months; costs less than $1 a week
  • Easy to Use - Pour a cup down the drain once a month
  • Money Back Guarantee - Unconditional, 100% satisfaction or your money is refunded

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Septic Magic 32 oz
$15.95 Quantity